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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Tobii Prototype Eye Controlled Laptop

The well known eye-tracking company Tobii is a likely origin to this kind of innovation.   I would like to understand how stable the control of a laptop can be using eye tracking.  

Tobii unveils the world’s first eye-controlled laptop

Stockholm, Sweden, Hannover, Germany—March 1, 2011—Tobii Technology today unveiled the world’s first laptop with integrated eye control. The prototype laptop has been developed in collaboration with computer manufacturer Lenovo and will be shown publicly for the first time at CeBIT in Hannover, March 1-5.  Lenovo, the world’s fourth largest manufacturer of personal computers, has built the world’s first eye-controlled laptop, using eye tracking technology from Tobii. The laptop is a fully functional conceptual prototype and an important breakthrough for Tobii in its mission to bring its eye tracking technology to serial production and consumer products ....  "

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