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Monday, March 28, 2011

Library Augmented Reality for Grocery Shelves

Found this Readwriteweb article on book shelf placement to be interesting.  I have worked with libraries on catalog systems.  It is not only libraries where things can become become disarranged. Shelves in grocery often do not conform to the prescripted plan-o-gram.  Is there a reapplication of this mobile library App to the complexity of a grocery shelf?  I can think of further information that could be leveraged at the shelf beyond position of an item.

" ... If you've ever worked in a library, you're familiar with the drudgery of shelf reading. That's the process of verifying that all the books on a shelf are in the right order, based on their call numbers. Books get out of order fairly easily, when they're taken off the shelf and examined, for example, or when they're just stuck in the wrong place.

Miami University's Augmented Reality Research Group (MU ARRG) ...  led by Professor Bo Brinkman, has developed an Android app that could save librarians a lot of time and hassle. Using the Android's camera, the app "reads" a bookshelf, and with an AR overlay, quickly flags those books that are misplaced. It will also point to the correct place on the bookshelf so the book can easily be re-shelved correctly ... "

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