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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

HP Mergers and Acquisitions

In the newly discovered Software Advice Blog  -  An intriguing article:  HP Mergers and Acquisitions, Who's Next?    I have linked with HP for many years while I was in the enterprise.  For a number of years we visited HP Labs yearly to see what was happening in their innovation space.  They also visited out innovation centers.  I was disappointed in recent years when their Labs took less interest  in pushing good ideas. 

This article explores the acquisition space in interesting ways.   Including a visual view of the acquisitions that HP has done historically.  That reminded me of several interesting connections with those events. 

The article then goes through a number of context areas.  I agree with many of them, in particular BI and Imaging, where I saw early evidence of their work at HP Labs.  Bringing up SAP as a merger was interesting though I think that there are many barriers  including size and corporate culture.  My own former enterprise now works with both companies and I think there would be some loud opinions from that direction.

The article ends with a survey.  I will follow with a post to the results.  There are also a number of largely thoughtful comments on the post which suggest other targets and strategies.   I agree with many of the suggestions. Overall if you have been involved with HP this is an excellent and thought provoking piece.

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