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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Bing Adds QR Codes and Grabbing Text

For a recent study I compared Redlaser and ShopSavvy smartphone barcode readers for on shelf use.   I notice today that Microsoft has added a QR barcode reader to its Bing mobile App.  I tested it on an IPhone 4.3. Their 2D QR barcode reader works quite well, under the same conditions I tested the other two Apps.  Required no specialized orientation and scanned quickly. It also provides a useful list of barcodes read.

Also discovered their text selection and search method, which lets you search for text, say on package copy, select all or part of it, and then save it or search with it.  Clever idea for research in the aisle?

If anyone has related solutions, or would like to collaborate in research oriented applications that deal with barcode reading or other data gathering in retail contexts, contact me.  See my contact info in the left hand column.

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