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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flipping Education

Watch videos at home, then have limited class time for help with a teacher.  A TED  video.  Overall not a bad idea.  The social dynamics of teacher and student will change, but we have already started to see that.

Yet I am concerned about the technology-centric aspects of this: " ... All fifth through twelfth graders in Little Falls, Minnesota will get iPads next year, reports the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. This year, fifth graders were given iPads. Some teachers are flipping instruction ... " .   It is not all about the fancy hardware, it is about the human interaction too.

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IB Clever said...

Sandra Sutton Andrews, research director in the Applied Learning Technologies Institute at Arizona State University said, "The concept is perfect for education--a lightweight computer, relatively inexpensive, capable of being used almost anywhere: in your hands, on a table, attached to a wall, built into a tabletop.” BUT does anyone have an idea of when text book publishers will start to market their text books for availability as an e-Text for use in the iPad?? There are advantage of this ipad in the classroom but there are also disadvantages such as unsupervised use that will lead to students just playing games or complaining that that they have no battery and they can’t do their work ...lol.

It’s good to have technology in the classroom but with proper guidelines and supervision. Goodluck Franz with your ipad classroom, just set the rules and you’ll be fine.