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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Unilever Augments Reality in a London Train Station

An intriguing experiment with augmented reality ideas by consumer goods giant Unilever.   Seems mostly stunt-like but probably got lots of local attention. This does not appear to utilize any devices owned by the consumer.   We experimented in the lab with a system called Reactrix that had similar goals, but later went backrupt.  See also the related capabilities of GestureTek, who we also talked to.  All this attracted much attention, but led to little incremental sales.

" ... Angels fell to earth, in augmented reality at least, in a recent campaign for Lynx in London. On March 5, the Unilever-owned brand (known as Axe in the U.S.), put signs in the Victoria railway station telling travelers to look up to a giant video screen. On the screen, they saw an image of themselves plus the angels, who are featured in both the English and U.S. ad campaigns. As this video shows, the reactions ranged from surprised to somewhat lewd ... "

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