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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Building It and Getting the Shopper to Buy

Herb Sorensen, well known retail scientist publishes an interesting article in Views: If you build it, they will NOT come!   An evidence-based quantitative view of how shopping works.  Highly recommended.

"It helps to think about retailing, beginning with its basic elements. The driving force behind it is the needs and wants of people. Other people have produced those needs and wants, and it is a matter of getting the stuff together with the people who want and need it. Of course a driving force behind the small store movement is the effort on the part of retailers to get the stuff closer to where the people are, rather than having it in huge stores, where shoppers may have to travel some distance to get access to their needs and desires. But there are other important factors here, relating to what happens once the shopper gets to the store and goes inside. ....  "

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