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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Brave New Google and Intelligence

Nick Carr satirically views the interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt in the WSJ yesterday. Schmidt positions the future of search as an artificial intelligence (AI) driven world where the engine will try to anticipate my needs. I was a many year practitioner of AI and I know that it can be done. Not extremely well yet, but that future is approaching rapidly.

I have written about how I would enjoy having my searches augmented to improve their breadth and and accuracy. Yet I am worried that I am not in charge of the information about me that big entities like Google or the Government are using.

The use of AI will allow these groups to pick and choose, integrate and associate, relate and connect information to choose what else you are interested in. Improve your searches. Or determine what you have done or you may be doing. A Minority report connected with a Brave new intelligence world approaches. Be cautious about what you reveal while you still can.

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