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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chief Listener

A good article in AdAge: My thoughts: Listening, whether it be to consumers, trends, the pulse of technology, is very important. Maybe it should be called observing or even interacting because it should not be passive ... you should be able to question, track and even prod the objects of your interest. It should also be done by the entire organization. We were told shortly after arriving that everyone in the company had a responsibility to observe the market in all of its contexts. What has never been completely solved is how to efficiently gather, analyze, synthesize and then redeliver this information to the right decision makers. Much opportunity there. A chief listening officer should work on that.


Susan Beebe said...

Totally agree, of course ;)

Susan Beebe
Chief Listener - Dell
Global Social Media

Franz Dill said...

Thats great Susan, good effort, glad to add my 2-cents, of you ever want to discuss this in further detail, and some of our experience at P&G, let me know.