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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shopkick at BestBuy, Macys

What appears to be an easy to use location based promotion system that does not require explicit check-in once enabled. Also, the automatic check-in cannot be faked. Benefit for shopper and merchant. Macy's is also mentioned as a participant. Both revealed retail participants are very tech saavy, so I have to respect this involvement.

This is precisely the kind of thing that I was expecting from Foursquare, but did not get. I have subscribed to get a further look at how it works in a real environment and how persuasive the offers look. This could be a killer App for location based services, an augmented loyalty card.

A quick look at the App shows it to be too 'cutesy' by about 50%. Hello Kitty? Its look should be redesigned to look more serious and thus make the promotions look serious.

Best Buy Rolls Out Shopkick’s Geo-Coupon System To 257 Stores
Best Buy is rolling out an in-store mobile couponing system in conjunction with a startup called shopkick. The system will be in place in 187 stores by tomorrow and 257 stores by October 1 .... "


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