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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Making Calls from GMail

You can now make free calls to within the US and Canada from GMail. And make international calls at a low rate. If you have a Google Voice phone number you can also receive calls. Strong competition for Skype? More attachment to Google?

Update: It took a few days until this was up and running. Works well. I would also like a conference call mechanism attached. There may also be a problem if the number is blocked when calling free conference lines. Largely I still use my cell, but this is a convenient connection at times.

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Mark Montgomery said...


This is interesting personally as I was involved way back in 80s for pre-public franchise lodging co. with a marketing plan substantially based on free long distance phone calls. The largest shareholder also owned a long distance co., and passed on excellent wholesale rates. An interesting mktg program then-- bottom line -- it was novel and similar value as free breakfasts-- substantially higher value I suspect than today given many options, but did not and no doubt still does not create an alternative for a strong product otherwise, which in this case Google has with Gmail (and Android).

Wondering how Android partners will respond as the Google phone service expands market share, and how close G apps and Android will be integrated in future.

Interesting development in the long saga of free bait with hooks in the consumer sea. I don't miss the long distance monopolies, but still prefer pay as you go personally. Nothing like a greenback in a competitive market as a ballot. .02-MM