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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Demystifying Kyield

Category demystification from Mark Montgomery, CEO of KYield:

Demystifying Kyield
" ... For the record, we don’t consider Kyield knowledge management (KM), although defined as broadly as some, KM can be considered anything. We do acknowledge that others have placed the label on Kyield that stuck to the point where we debated changing the name, which dates back to discussions with top tier VC firms a few years ago. I also plead guilty to contributing to the confusion as I am less interested these days in what VCs and Wall Street think than overcoming real problems, although customer education seems to take up most of my time. As I am fond of claiming: “most easy problems were solved long ago, so those relying on elevator pitches will be increasingly left behind.” ... "

Read the whole thing, with lots more detail and links.

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