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Sunday, August 29, 2010

BI Platform is Dead: an Interactive e-book

The BI Platform is Dead: A fresh look at what business analytics means for today's organizations

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The promise of business intelligence (BI) has always been to empower business users with better information than they could obtain directly from operational systems. Traditional BI relies on a centralized, cleansed, and transformed store of data that business users can access through standardized reports and perhaps an ad hoc query tool. However, the development and maintenance of this type of system takes time and imposes constraints on the types of analysis that users can perform.

On a day-to-day basis, though, the types of decisions that business users must make frequently require information that is not yet (or never will be) in the data warehouse.

While traditional BI continues to fulfill certain needs, self-service BI addresses the problem with ever-shifting demands for information. Self-service BI shifts the emphasis away from the processes required to manage data in a centralized store and towards processes for finding, accessing, and integrating information on-the-fly. With self-service BI, a decision-maker is better able to respond to changes in business conditions quickly ... '

1 comment:

BI Tool Guy said...

I love any title that says "______" is Dead." It's always provocative enough to catch attention, though whatever is claimed to be dead never is.

But I do agree with them of self-service BI. That's what it is required to make business users and analysts happy. You still need a BI platform to enable it though.