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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Advertising Policy

Readers, Publishers, Vendors,

I have had an increasing number of requests to have advertising links placed in this blog.

In general I do not take advertising that does not have some relationship to my blog topics. You can get a general sense of these from my short bio link on the left column. You will see I do not have a blog roll, so I cannot exchange blog roll links.

I will accept books, services, software and other items to review, mention and link to. In the case of software I need more than a 30 day trial period for review. In rare circumstances I might ask for payment if the review process appears it will take much time. I am a consultant so I remind you I can be hired in that respect as well.

I retain complete editorial control, but at minimum will do one neutral 'in review' mention/link of your offering. I can copy at request my reviews to other venues like Amazon. I do not usually heavily criticize most things ... unless ... I think there is an important point to be made. All that being said, if you think you have something I might like, make me an offer.

Answer me in the comments if you do not have my email address. Leave your email address, but I won't publish it.

Franz Dill

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