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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Layar Augmented Reality Browser

I recently upgraded to an IPhone 4 so I was able to download the Layar Augmented reality browser. It is also available for the Android. Most interesting aspect so far, the hundreds of augmentation layers available. Most are free but about ten cost a small fee. Scanning the paid layers do not show any I would be willing to pay for. The layers act as data for the Layar browser. You load one of them ... for example google local search ... and it will show the direction and distance for a search item. For example, asking for pizza within three miles, about ten locations are shown.

Probably more useful in the city than the suburbs. Most of the application layers are restaurants and sightseeing guides. Or as expected other items that have locational tags, like Wikipedia entries, or tweets. Some Layers allow you to post items in space as well. Will continue exploration.

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