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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Common Culture Locked Up by Copyright

In TechDirt. I have added the book to my lengthening reading list. The struggle between rewarding the author for constructing a work, and making that same work ... also derived from our common culture, available to all. As a believer in the market the exchange of payment makes sense. Yet I do not think that exchange is rich enough to make sure knowledge flows freely.

New Book Shows How Our Common Culture Has Been Locked Up Via Copyright

Well respected author and professor Lewis Hyde, who has done tremendous work in the past on the concept of "gift economies," apparently has a new book out that sounds quite interesting -- though may cover some well-tread ground for folks around here. It's all about how the bastardization of intellectual property law has locked up and diminished our common cultural heritage, and why that's a problem. The book is called Common as Air ... '

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