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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Going Cashier-Free

Recall we reported here a test of BlueEyes technology to test vision based interaction with product in physical retail in our store laboratory.  Our survey showed people liked the idea, once it was fully integrated.  Now a more generalized version has emerged for 'any store'.    Cost and maintenance required?  Issue with implied surveillance?

Will all retailers soon go cashier-less?     by Tom Ryan in Retailwire

After reportedly five years in development, the first Amazon Go opened in January, raising speculation over the practicality and adoption rate in the industry of cashier-less stores. Last week, a start-up said it is getting ready to deliver the “first scalable checkout-free solution” suitable for mega-retailers and affordable for mom and pops.

Describing itself as a “computer vision technology,” AiFi’s founders previously worked for Google and Apple on projects like 3D Touch and Google Glass.

Using AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms, sensors and camera networks, AiFi’s checkout-free technology will track shoppers as they move through the store, recognize shoppers as individuals and secure payment through a companion app, much like the tech used at Amazon Go.  .... " 

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