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Friday, March 16, 2018

Amazon Pickup Service in Whole Foods

Witnessed the set up of this in a nearby Whole Foods today.  No additional crowding as yet.   Can see it as a specialized service offering, volume involved unclear.  Other uses when the infrastructure is operating?

Amazon/Whole Foods planning store pickup service from third-party retailers  by George Anderson in Retailwire.  with further expert comments:

Amazon.com wants to negate one advantage that rivals such as Walmart, Target, Kroger and others have — store pickup. The e-tailing giant is looking to offer a pickup service at Whole Foods’ stores that will not only include orders from the organic grocery chain, but also from a host of other retailers.

According to the reports, Amazon is seeking a finance manager that will help build a pickup business from the ground up. The job posting, which was first reported on by the Puget Sound Business Journal, said the person hired would be behind “the Whole Foods delivery and pick-up service on the ultra-fast Prime Now app and enable our Prime customers to shop from a set of marquee third-party retailers.”

What potentially makes the described service different from those offered by Walmart and others is that it would appear to offer pickup from online orders placed with Whole Foods, Amazon and perhaps others, as well.  ... " 

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