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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Retailers Need Chat

We worked with a number of chat style systems well before the Internet could adequately support them.  Now there are lots of ways to implement simple chat and Chatbots.  Note it can also be a way to simply chat seamlessly with a customer, for sales and service.   Having your well designed FAQ's and product list and details always show up in a search is another part of this.  But there is no reason today to not include chatbot interactions. 

Retailers Without Chat: A Missed Opportunity
By Kate Leggett,  Vice President, Principal Analyst,  Forrester

Chatting, by definition, is meaningless, trivial talk – but web “chatting” is anything but; it is starting to transform digital customer experiences. And it works. Customers want to use chat. Forty-five percent have used it to interact with a live agent in 2017. The companies that get it are moving towards a holistic chat strategy that straddles both customer service and sales.

Why does chat-based sales and customer service work?

There are a myriad of use cases where web chat improves the customer experience and drives business outcomes in pre-purchase and post purchase engagement. For example, chat puts customers at ease when purchasing a product or service they have never seen nor experienced in person. It also assists in minimizing purchasing errors and eliminating buyer’s remorse, which are among the top reasons for product returns.  ... " 

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