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Monday, March 19, 2018

AI for Competitive Value

Everyone is still asking,  how much of this is hype?  There is an element of that, but clearly value as well.  How much should the enterprise invest?

How machine learning is changing the game for app marketers  in Thinking with Google    ... Jason Spero Nov 2017 Apps, Emerging Technology, Mobile, Data & Measurement

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology have the potential to revolutionize marketing as much as mobile, the internet, and television did in the past.

Forward-thinking companies are using machine learning tools to supercharge their marketing. These early adopters take advantage of the technology’s ability to streamline data, unlock user insights, and engage users in highly relevant ways. In fact, 85% of executives believe AI will allow their companies to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage, according to the The Boston Consulting Group.  ... "

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