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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Augmented Reality Sensing Form and Depth

Will this drive us to better augmented reality shopping?   At IKEA a few days ago I used some of their on floor furniture placement and design Apps, nicely done, but could have used better space understanding capabilities.  What really engages for product usage and selection  in-place?

Depth-Sensing, Algorithms And Retail Shopping Allowing AiFi To Push The Boundaries Of Interactivity

AiFi is combining artificial intelligence with mixed and augmented reality.   By Nina Salomons  in VRFocus.

Founded by former Google and Apple engineers, AiFi is combining artificial intelligence (A.I.) with ARKit on Apple products such as iPhones and iPads. Speaking to VRFocus, co-founder and CEO Steve Gu explained how AiFi has enabled consumer products to understand detailed 3D shapes and activities, including individuals and their surroundings.   .... " 

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