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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Behavioral Implications of Grab and Go Retailing

Some interesting behavioral observations of early use of the lack of checkouts in Amazon's Grab and Go tests.   We interviewed and watched consumers in our laboratory stores to learn how they felt and reacted to similar approaches.  Will this cause fewer visits, change the nature of visits and purchases?  How will it interact with online visits?    Will this be an ultimate expectation of physical stores?   Amazon is in position to learn much here.

Amazon Go customers are still adjusting to the grab-and-go model in DigitalTrends

Apparently, our parents have taught us well. While Amazon’s new cashless grocery store, Amazon Go, has encouraged folks to just walk out the door without paying, it would seem that folks aren’t quite on board with that model yet. According to Gianna Puerini, vice president of Amazon Go, it has taken shoppers a bit of time to get used to the fact that walking out of a store without stopping by a cash register is not, in fact, immoral or illegal.

At Shoptalk, a retail industry event in Las Vegas, Puerini noted that she has been struck by the number of customers who have second-guessed their ability to take advantage of the cashless convenience offered by Amazon Go. ‘‘What we didn’t necessarily expect was how many people would stop at the end on their first trip or two and ask, ‘Is it really OK if I just leave?’’’ Puerini said of the new-age store that opened in January in Amazon’s hometown of Seattle. .... " 

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