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Monday, March 19, 2018

Optimizing Health Policies with Bayesian Networks

 Another excellent, mostly nontechnical presentation on the topic.   Interesting is the decision model itself, and the topic of health decisions.  Unlike most modeling methods, this approach embeds the details of the model into the decision process being modeled.  So you can visually see the details of what is being modeled and discuss it with decision makers.  Also, it directly models uncertainty involved, based on real known data.   We used these methods actively,  I but find them rarely applied in business.   Consider it.  ....

Presentation link and slides below: 

By Stefan Conrady

Managing Partner at Bayesia USA & Singapore: Bayesian Networks for Research, Analytics, and Reasoning

Optimizing Health Policies with Bayesian Networks

In case you missed today's webinar, here is the recording. Today's program was about developing a reasoning framework for health policies in developing nations with Bayesian networks. The specific study question was whether to implement a "test & treat" policy versus a presumptive treatment approach for malaria and bacterial pneumonia. https://bayesia.wistia.com/medias/16vb2vljlt

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