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Friday, March 16, 2018

Google and Marketing Measurement

Always have been impressed by Google's aim at better measurement, it is foundational, and not  enough attention is paid to it.  Here some of their latest:

Measurement matters: Laying a foundation for better measurement, today and tomorrow  By Babak Pahlavan Mar 2018 Data & Measurement

When we talk to marketers about their challenges and needs in digital, measurement always finds its way to the center of the conversation. We've heard from advertisers large and small that measurement on digital can be difficult and often complex. But it’s also critical to address, because effective measurement is foundational to growth.

That might sound a bit lofty, but it’s true. Better measurement helps businesses uncover the best ways to invest their limited marketing resources. Which leads to better marketing, which leads to new customers and continued growth.  

But how do you define better measurement? We’ve invested a lot of time listening to our advertisers and industry partners, and we’ve consistently heard that, to be effective, measurement solutions must be:

Trustworthy: They must be transparent and easily verified by advertisers, publishers, and third parties, including technology providers and industry standards groups.

Intelligent: They must uncover the insights that really matter to a business—which often means using the latest advancements in areas like machine learning and going way beyond simple reporting.

Actionable: They must be easy to act on, so advertisers can quickly fine-tune or change their strategy, turning metrics and insights into real business impact. .... " 

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