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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Google’s Chatbot Analytics Platform Chatbase Launches to Public

Considerable challenge, but tracking the process data by which a chat progresses can lead to better results.  Ultimately this leads to better conversations.  Could also lead to suggestions as to how humans are appropriately inserted into chat?  Back to our concierge driven experiments.  Note the connection to a number of current poplar assistants in the list below.  Like the direction.

Google’s chatbot analytics platform Chatbase launches to public

By Sarah Perez    @sarahintampa  in TechCunch

At Google  I/O this year, Google quietly introduced a new chatbot analytics platform called Chatbase, a project developed within the company’s internal R&D incubator, Area 120. Today, that platform is being publicly launched to all, after testing with hundreds of early adopters including Ticketmaster, HBO, Keller Williams, Viber, and others.

The idea behind Chatbase’s cloud service is to offer tools to more easily analyze and optimize chatbots. This includes giving bot builders the ability to understand what works to increase customer conversions, improve the bot’s accuracy, and create a better user experience.

This data is available through an analytics dashboard, where developers can track specific metrics like active users, sessions, and user retention. These insights give an overall picture of the bot’s health and see general trends.

The dashboard also lets bot creators compared the bot’s metrics across platforms, to see if some platforms need additional optimizations.

The system today integrates with any voice or text messaging platform, Google says, including Facebook, Kik, Viber, Slack, WhatsApp, WeChat, Alexa, Cortana, Allo, Line, Skype, Twitter, and more.

And though it has had many high-profile testers in its early days, it’s not necessarily meant to be used only by larger companies. As a free service, Chatbase supports bot builders of any size – whether they have one or hundreds of bots in operation. .... " 

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