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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Misinformation and the Wikipedia

Been a longterm Wikipedia fan.   And have also been directed to many, many examples of misinformation there.  But still use it daily.  So whats the solution?  Apparently Youtube planning to resource credibility with WP articles, among others.    Further curated?   Only as good as the curators.  Bias is all over the place.

Don't ask Wikipedia to Cure the Internet   by Louise Matsakis in Wired.

" .... On stage at the South by Southwest conference on Tuesday, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced that her company would begin adding "information cues" to conspiracy theory videos, text-based links intended to provide users with better information about what they are watching. One of the sites YouTube plans to use is Wikipedia. "We’re just going to be releasing this for the first time in a couple weeks, and our goal is to start with the list of internet conspiracies listed where there is a lot of active discussion on YouTube," Wojcicki said on stage..... " 

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