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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Fujitsu Human Centric AI

Was impressed with Fujitsu's work in retail when we visited.

Fujitsu drives a human centric model

AI is a core technology which enables many complex processes to be conducted independently of human judgment. Now, deep learning is often featured in the media. But it is not the whole story of AI, just an important piece of the puzzle. Our human cognition is continuously generated from complex interactions between our sensory organs, nervous system, brain and external environments.

To achieve an AI, we have to replicate and bring together a range of cognitive capabilities: perceiving, reasoning, making choices, learning, communicating, and moving and manipulating.

Fujitsu is developing key technologies under a comprehensive framework (see diagram). We call it Human Centric AI, Zinrai. Fujitsu is incorporating component technology such as machine learning, deep learning and visual recognition, into its digital solutions and services. .... " 

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