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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Will Amazon Own Your Customer?

Amazon Will Own Your Customer And What To Do About It
By James L. McQuivey   Vice President, Principal Analyst

 From twenty years of trying, I know this about covering Amazon: It’s tricky. Our report process can take months during which we comb through our extensive Technographics data to find patterns or we interview executives. Not to mention the time it takes to write, edit, and produce our reports. During which time, the moving target we call Amazon announces dozens of new things that you can’t go back and add to your report. So while I’m pleased to announce that my latest comprehensive review of Amazon’s long-term strategy is now ready for clients to read (see Amazon Will Own Your Customer In The Future), it will appear I have left a few things out. Except that I haven’t, because our read of Amazon’s strategy is so on-point that every one of these significant moves announced by the orange smile is accounted for in our model. For example, Amazon:   (See the full article at link) .... 

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