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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Train Your Brain to Think About the Future

We all do this, but how well?  Here looking at it early.

Train Your Brain to Think About the Future by Katie King

What fraction of your time is spent thinking about the future, and how far out do you think? Last month, this question kicked off a lively two-day workshop with K-12 leaders about our newest forecast,  .... 

" ... In the meantime, the discussion that arose from that question stuck with me. Most of our participants said they think no longer than 1-5 years ahead, and most spend less than half of their time thinking beyond the present. There’s nothing wrong with that; nothing would get done if we all sat around thinking about what might happen in 25 years. That said, those of us who care about education aim to prepare students for the future, so we should know how to think about it and do so with some regularity. ..... " .  

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