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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Google Creates an Assistant

Technology review reports on today's I/O presentations:

I like the model of a 'Concierge',  it was the same method we used in our own bot experiment.  Break up information sources into key segments of data, knowledge, people, analysis and more.  Deliver conversationally on contextual results, build searches, models of key needs, and continue to update and learn from the world.   Just a minor challenge.

" ... Google has done well out of its search box. We have come to use it more and more as our collective dependence on computers and the Internet has grown – helping Google swell to its gigantic size.

But on Wednesday Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai said it was time to move on from the conventional search engine that his company was built on. He unveiled Google Assistant, an evolution of Google search designed to act like a virtual concierge.

If you search Google for “movies tonight” on your phone today it will display the films in local theaters. With the Google Assistant you can have a short conversation to get that same information, learn about the suggested movies, and book the tickets. For example, you could ask for movies nearby and then add “I want to take the kids” to see only family friendly suggestions. After perusing the options you could ask “Is Jungle Book any good?” to hear a summary of reviews, and then book tickets by saying “I want four tickets to the 8:30 showing.”  ... ' 

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