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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Google Home to Compete with Amazon Echo

Announced today, the Google Home.  Previously code named the Chirp. Similar in form to the original Echo, but with more design choices.  Google is know to have some of the best voice AI systems around.  See also the Viv, by the same developers.

This new device also includes some of capabilities most often asked of the Echo. Like multi speaker control.  It brings in a number of initial partners to provide content, and some are the same as on the Echo.

   Also tries to cover similar retail and smart home capabilities. Like music, impulse services and smart lighting.  At this time it is not open to third party 'skill' developers. As in the Echo, there is no embedded screen.  I find that design choice interesting.  You leave out a sensory channel on purpose and create a new kind of presence.   No price has been announced, it is due to be out later this year.  

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