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Friday, May 20, 2016

Another Messaging App or Service Concierge

In Verge:   Did remind me of Hangouts at first, but then with AI and better voice recognition included.   More assistant like.    Concierge like.    A replacement of Apps?   That gets you to the service that you need.   Built on Google Assistant?  Now just convince a few hundred million people to switch over. Available this summer.

" ... Google is announcing a new messaging app today. It's called Allo and its main feature is a Google assistant that's built right in. Google says it'll be available later this summer — for free — on both iOS and Android.

Allo (pronounced like "Aloe" and not like "'allo, guv'nor!") is a mobile-only app that you might think is meant to replace Google's other messaging app, Hangouts. But you'd be wrong. Allo is explicitly meant to be a fresh start for Google's new communication's division (which also runs Hangouts and Project Fi).

"It's really liberating to start from scratch sometimes," says Erik Kay, director of engineering, communications products. And Allo does feel like a fresh new start. Its interface is clean and easy to understand, with some clever little innovations on what you've seen in other chat apps like WhatsApp or Messenger. ...  " 

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