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Friday, May 20, 2016

Amsterdam as a Smart City

Via MIT Sloan, only available for a limited time.  What overlaps exist with supply chain issues?   How about cognitive data interaction?  May require registration.   Possibly also available from EY. See also the Amsterdam Smart City Knowledge Center. 

 Data Driven City Management. A Close Look at Amsterdam’s Smart City Initiative
by  Michael Fitzgerald

Many major cities recognize the opportunity to improve urban life with data analytics, and are exploring how to use information technologies to develop smarter services and a more sustainable footprint. Amsterdam, which has been working toward becoming a “smart city” for almost 7 years, offers insights into the complexities facing city managers who see the opportunity with data, but must collaborate with a diverse group of stakeholders to achieve their goals. The city’s chief technology officer, Ger Baron, makes it clear that their efforts are still early days: “I can give you the nice stories that we’re doing great stuff with data and information, but we’re very much at a starting point,” he says...... " 

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