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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Body Cameras for All

Do Police Body Cameras Really Work?
Sometimes police body cameras accomplish their intended purpose, but other times they backfire. And nobody knows why  ....  By Barak Ariel

A considerable IEEE analysis piece on the use of body cameras by police.    Which I think does not establish well enough what 'working' means.  The conclusion, they are not as effective as we might think.    Is it because such actions and and reaction occur in extreme situations?  Worth a look.

Also relates more generally to cams that could be attached to all of us, all the time.   Or while we work, or ... ?    To help us share work and progress with minimal effort.  Record effort. Or be monitored?  Orwellian yes,  Somewhat akin to 'Life logging', covered in this space for years, but seems to gone out of fashion, except for police work.

Recalls work we did with consumers, for pay in a laboratory setting, who wore such always-on cameras in the aisle during shopping.  Later I saw this done with unobtrusive EEG caps. The 'test consumer' could engage with product which then recorded their neurological state.   Could that be added to other such cameras to indicate emotional readiness in a difficult situation, warning the wearer?

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