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Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Condensed Guide to Data Science

Nicely done introduction by Vincent Granville of DSC,  links to many useful resources.  Good list, condensed, but still lots there, and considerable variability in technical depth,  Which if you discuss computing languages, is necessary.

Hitchhiker's Guide to Data Science, Machine Learning, R, Python  by Vincent Granville

Thousands of articles and tutorials have been written about data science and machine learning. Hundreds of books, courses and conferences are available. You could spend months just figuring out what to do to get started, even to understand what data science is about. .... 

In this short contribution, I share what I believe to be the most valuable resources - a small list of top resources and starting points. This will be most valuable to any data practitioner who has very little free time.  .....  " 

DSC is an excellent resource to follow.

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