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Monday, May 30, 2016

Microsoft Flashback for Mobile VR

In VRFocus: 

Microsoft’s FlashBack Aims to Redefine Mobile VR
Real time rendering could be a thing of the past with this new concept ... 

Microsoft, well-known for its development of the augmented reality (AR) head-mounted display (HMD), the HoloLens, has identified and outlined in its latest virtual reality (VR) endeavour the cons to each of the existing HMD and in turn has presented its own solution to conquer these faulted technologies with FlashBack, its own “unorthodox” answer to mobile VR but with the power of tethered VR HMDs. .... 

The main concept of FlashBack is rather than to render images in real-time, which can take up a lot of power, but to pre-render and store all possible images that the viewer can potentially come across, resulting in a more powerful, smooth, and energy-efficient mobile VR HMD.  .... " 

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