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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

IBM Gives Access to its Quantum Computer

I like the idea you can try it yourself from the article at the link.  Now, digital, but non binary computing.  Is it clear this is the future of computing?  To the right, a peek into their QC lab.  Consider the value of such systems for approaches like chemistry and supply chain modeling.  Implementing highly complex algorithms and predicting combinatoric outcomes.  Likely though, still some years away.

IBM opens its quantum computer to the public
If you can wrap your head around qubits, you can try it yourself. ... '"

Want to use a real, honest-to-goodness quantum computer yourself? Now's your chance. IBM has introduced a cloud-based platform, the Quantum Experience, that lets anyone try a 5-qubit quantum computer for themselves. You can run algorithms and experiments, try simulations and tutorials or even work with the individual qubits. This isn't a truly universal machine, but it'll show you at least some of what non-binary computing can do. ... " 

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