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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Dash Button for an Internet of Things

I have been testing the Amazon Dash buttons for some time. Nice, simple idea.  That implemented some of our innovation center ideas.   Now Walter Riker reports that that they have been generalized to perform other tasks.   Now as a signalling button in the internet of things?   Some hints of linking to other devices like the Echo. Thinking the possibilities.

In AndroidAuthority:
" ... Amazon’s Dash Button could just be a piece of hardware that would order you some toilet paper with the click of a button when needed, or perhaps some more dog food, but the company’s new Dash button isn’t for re-ordering products at all — it’s a programmable button that hooks users into the Internet of Things. ... 

The AWS IoT button connects to Wi-Fi and relies upon Amazon’s AWS cloud services. Because of this, can be easily programmed to do pretty much anything. Examples of some things the Dash button can be used to do include switching on your Phillips Hue lights, hail an Uber, send a Tweet, or even hook into Slack. Amazon CTO Werner Vogels even said that if there’s a chore you can with Alexa, you can assign it to one of these buttons. ... " 

Cost is $20, but currently unavailable. They write a more technical set of goals:

An easy way to get started with the Internet of Things, based on the Amazon Dash button hardware, the AWS IoT button is a developer kit that can be programmed to control internet-connected devices and services. ... " 

This programmable Wi-Fi button is designed to help developers learn how to use AWS IoT, AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Simple Notification Service and other Amazon Web Services.

Use the button to count items, track usage, initiate a call, send alerts or start and stop a process.

Eliminate the hassle of writing device-specific code; code in the cloud to configure your button's single, double, and long clicks. ... " 

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