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Thursday, February 04, 2016

Wharton Pushes Data Science

Note the inclusion of 'Decision' in the new department title.  Good move,

As tech skills grow in value, Wharton increases focus on data science
By  Aliza Ohnouna in the Daily Pennsylvanian

Wall Street and Silicon Valley may be 2,562 miles apart, but at Penn, finance and tech are becoming increasingly intertwined.

Eric Bradlow, a professor in the Marketing Department at the Wharton School, sees business strategy and technological competency, particularly in the way of data science, as inextricably linked skills for jobs in the modern economy. “People that can take statistical modeling and big data and turn it into corporate strategy — that’s what firms are looking for today,” he said.

Bradlow cited recent changes that Wharton has made in its curriculum to keep up with the needs of the changing job market. Wharton re-named its Operations and Information Management Department (OPIM), the Operations, Information and Decision Department (OID).

This department offers more than just a new acronym. It seeks to rigorously blend computer-based data analytics and business management decision making, the latter which has become increasingly dependent on the former.   ... " 

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