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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

AI Still Flunks 8th Grade Science

In Wired:     By this measure, its not here yet.   Yet if we choose carefully, it can be remarkable.

" .... You might say that, way back in 2011, IBM Watson beat the best humans on Earth at Jeopardy!, the venerable TV trivia game show. And it did. Google just built a system that could top a professional at the ancient game of Go. But for a machine, these are somewhat easier tasks than taking a science test. “Jeopardy! is [about] finding a single fact, while I would imagine—and hope—that 8th-grade science asks students to solve problems that require several steps, and combine multiple facts to show understanding,” says Chris Nicholson, CEO and founder of AI startup Skymind.

The Allen Institute’s science test includes more than just trivia. It asks that machines understand basic ideas, serving up not only questions like “Which part of the eye does light hit first?” but more complex questions that revolve around concepts like evolutionary adaptation. “Some types of fish live most of their adult lives in salt water but lay their eggs in freshwater,” one question read. “The ability of these fish to survive in these different environments is an example of [what]?” ... " 

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