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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Stories can be Dangerous

Have been always intrigued by storytelling, establishing a narrative, as a powerful way to convince, to advertise, to market.  It also a way to convert your analytics, your data, your trends, your discovered patterns into convincing arguments.  Lots in the press today about that.

But ... Its also a way to deceive.  To introduce bias.  Have seen that.   That's why I prefer providing a user with an answer, plus the ability to interact with that answer.  To test it in application.

This piece, on detecting lies (bias?)  You can create bias in yourself.  Led me to these thoughts:

From Eric Barker's Barking up the Wrong Tree
... " 4) Stories Are Dangerous
When people tell us stories we tend to let our guard down. We don’t think we’re being “sold” on something, so we tend to go along for the ride. We quietly lose motivation to detect lies.

This is a mistake because research shows stories are actually the most powerful way to deceive and to get you to change your mind. ...  "   (More follows) 

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