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Monday, February 15, 2016

Reading Customer Minds

In Retailwire:  We can hardly do it consistently yet, but we can get some indications of mood and possibilities.  And we don't have to always be exactly right.  This particular application seems a gimmick.

" ... PCWorld reports that Uniqlo's UMood system analyzes a customer's brainwaves through the use of an EEG headset the customer wears. The system displays a selection of images in order to gauge the customer's neuro-electric responses to each and then uses that information to determine the customer's mood. The customer is then shown one of the store's 600 shirt designs, each tagged as evoking a particular mood. Uniqlo's hope is that the match between the brainwave reading and the mood the shirt evokes will result in a sale.

Uniqlo debuted UMood in one store in Sydney, Australia, and will be implementing it in other stores in that area over the next few weeks.   ... " 

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