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Friday, February 19, 2016

User Experience is also about Data

Some very good points here.    User experience is often lacking.   Because of both content (data) and context.   Context can now also include cognitive/intelligent interaction.   Getting that kind of interaction right is also important.     In Knowledge@Wharton:

The User Experience: Why Data – Not Just Design – Hits the Sweet Spot
The successful user experience is about meeting a consumer’s need on an individual level – a “segment of one” not “one-size-fits” all, many experts say. But what does that look like in practice? “What really differentiates companies is their personalization through data — which allows them to build unique experiences that lead to increased engagement and better outcomes, …” write Scott A. Snyder, president and CSO of Mobiquity and a senior fellow at Wharton, and Jason Hreha, founder of Dopamine, a behavior design firm, in this opinion piece.

Today, design has a seat at the table. With the success of products like the iPod and the iPhone, businesses have realized that a good user experience is key for the bottom line.

Yet even with this determined focus on design, most digital experiences fall short of user expectations. Of the 700 million websites that exist, 72% fail to consistently engage users or drive conversions. Of the 1.6 million apps available, just 200 account for 70% of all usage, and three out of four apps aren’t even used beyond the initial download. ... "  

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