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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Goals for Thermostats in the Smart Home

In the midst of putting together a 'practical smart home'.  We experimented with this idea at the innovation centers from 2000 on,  and I demonstrated the idea to many people, but always with quite a bit of skepticism.   Is the time now right?  Is this the showplace of the IOT?  Are there the right kinds of interconnectivity? The right kind of goals?     In the CACM:  on Thermostats.  

" ... University of Southampton researchers have developed a prototype "smart" thermostat, which enables users to control their heating based on the price they want to pay rather than setting it by temperature alone.

The researchers produced three different smart thermostats that automated heating based on users' preferences and real-time price variations. One of the thermostats enables users to explicitly specify how the heating should respond to price changes. The two other thermostats are learning-based models, which use artificial intelligence to automate the temperature settings based on learned household preferences. ... " 

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