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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Fintech Evolves, and this Blog Does too.

I just noticed that the term Fintech had never been used in this blog before this year.  So is it that a new term?  I have just updated the text tags for Fintech to point to related articles.   Which points to another way to explore this blog.  You can search for words or phrases in quotes, at the upper left of the blog.  Or you can search by tag at the bottom of each post.  Most posts have been tagged.

I frequently update tags. Such as the newly discovered Fintech. without indicating the update.   If I update the body of a blog I will usually indicate the update with an edit.  Links may go out of date, and I will update them when discovered.

Meanwhile I see that Fintech has been used since at least the 90's, at first as the name of a group, and continues to evolve.

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