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Friday, February 19, 2016

Make AI more Human

In MIT Technology Review: 

" ... Marcus has a very different perspective from many of the computer scientists and mathematicians now at the forefront of artificial intelligence. He has spent decades studying the way the human mind works and how children learn new skills such as language and musicality. This has led him to believe that if researchers want to create truly sophisticated artificial intelligence—something that readily learns about the world—they must take cues from the way toddlers pick up new concepts and generalize. And that’s one of the big inspirations for his new company, which he’s running while on a year’s leave from NYU. With its radical approach to machine learning, Geometric Intelligence aims to create algorithms for use in an AI that can learn in new and better ways. ....   Is deep learning based on a model that’s too simple? Marcus thinks computer scientists are missing a huge opportunity by ignoring many subtleties of the human mind. ... " 

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