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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Machine Intelligence in the Workplace

From the Cisco Blog:  Some interesting thoughts on intelligence and an interview with Marvin Minsky.   I like the comment about Minsky saying big business is stalling progress: But I don't recall him not willing to take the money of business.  Sure there are different goals, challenges and methods.  Governance is also very different.   But we funded him and many AI enterprises of the time.

Rowan Trollope writes:
" ... As an inventor and engineer myself, I get it. Big business can get in the way of good science. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I joined Cisco because I felt that solving some of these very hard problems would be easiest from inside a company with both tremendous resources and a passion for innovation. Resources and passion for innovation are the key words. Three years later, my experience here proves that hypothesis right. We are using our resources and our commitment to solve some hard problems. Others are too; I am impressed by the real progress in Machine Intelligence made at the likes of Google and Facebook, Apple and even IBM. ...  " 

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