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Friday, February 19, 2016

Google Cloud Vision for Image Tagging

Spent quite a bit of time looking at at the problem of recognizing and tagging images for marketing applications.  It turned out to be a  key requirement for systems that deal with asset and engagement management.  So this announcement of advanced image tagging beta capability was fascinating.  A Beta for developers.  If I embed this in a system I have to rely on Google continuing to improve and support it. Looking forward to a deeper examination.

 In CWorld. 
" ... In addition to making the service publicly available, Google also revealed the pricing. Developers will be able to run up to 1,000 images through Google services for free, and then pay a flat fee for each group of 1,000 images they upload after that. Developers will get discounts for sending large volumes of pictures through the service. 

However, users will be able to send a maximum of 20 million images a month through Google Cloud Vision during the open beta period, so companies with large-scale production workloads will likely want to reserve its use for low-volume applications.  ... " 

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