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Monday, February 22, 2016

Scatter Plots for Big Data and Scagnostics

The simplest form of data visualization.  Scatter plots.    Sounds obvious,  but understanding how people react to many, many variable problems can be important.   Note the term Scagnostics:  or Scatterplot Diagnostics.   Not used that often, but worth understanding.  Capabilities exist in R.

In Scientific Computing: " ... Members of Tandon’s data-visualization group, headed by Professor Enrico Bertini, have conducted a study that found that results obtained through algorithmic methods, such as those known as scagnostics, do not necessarily correlate well to human perceptional judgments when asked to group scatter plots based on their similarity. While the team identified several factors that drive such perceptual judgments, they assert that further work is needed to develop perceptually balanced measures for analyzing large sets of plots, in order to better guide researchers in such fields as medicine, aerospace and finance, who are regularly confronted with high-dimensional data.  ... " 

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