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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Amazon Selling Diapers Under a new Name

It remains interesting that Amazon will attempt to compete in classic private label brands:

In Retailwire:

" ... Parents don't take diapers lightly. Amazon discovered this about a year ago when it discontinued its line of private label diapers amid complaints of poor quality by consumers. The diapers, released under the Amazon Elements moniker, only stayed on the market a little over a month. But a report by ReCode indicated that the e-tailer may be back in the diaper game with a slightly different strategy.

Amazon, according to the report, has been contacting users with a market research survey about a brand called "Mama Bear" diapers. The survey solicited reactions to "Mama Bear" diapers' branding. It asked if the branding evokes a "high quality product" and if the survey recipient would have an interest in purchasing the diapers.   .. " 

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